Great participation at the Thematic Focus Groups of Polo Palm

The Polo Palm, Innovation Consortium recognized by the Abruzzo region for the Decor, Wood and Furniture field, is working in the direction of product and process innovation, also it will point to Internationalization, to Marketing and Shared Services. It will be all achieved through the establishment of thematic tables open to entrepreneurs who belong to the consortium and to all who wish to join.

The schedule includes three days of meetings on the 3rd, 5th and 19th June, 2014, hosted at the headquarters of CNA in Teramo.
The first meeting, which was held on June 3rd at 3.00 pm, was very successful in terms of participation and consensus.
The meeting, led by Dr. Fabrizio Luciani by the Partner company, was divided into two parts and lasted about four hours. The meeting allowed to know the plans about shared services and product innovations.
The coordinator of the Polo Palm, Eng. Giammario Cauti said: "It's crucial for the development of the Polo a culture growing shared by all the partners. It is also of primary importance to participate with ideas and concrete projects. This is the sign of a new way of approaching the entrepreneurial life. The first meeting was an unexpected success and we are confident that, on topics as hot as internationalization, marketing and process innovation, participation will be even greater. "
The following companies attended: Arcadia Componibili, Time to Design, Gruppo Metron, CNA Sistema, ISIA Roma Design, Fenix, Nuova SMA, MAS Legno, Emmeci Software, Estintori Bosica , LT Form, Grafiche Martintype, DAMCO, Partners, Studio D'Ercole , All in Project, Enermea and Spinosi Marketing Strategies.
Here follows the topics of the next meeting of June 5th, 2014 at 3.00 at the CNA in Teramo.

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