Polo Palm is one of the innovation consortia in Abruzzo – Innovation Consortium of Wood and Furniture

The Polo Palm (Innovation Consortium of Wood and Furniture) of the Abruzzo Region is a consortium formed by a group of independent companies in the field of Wood and Furniture in the territory of Abruzzo.
The Polo Palm was established on the 26th of April 2012, in the offices of Confindustria in Sant’Atto, Teramo. On 18th July, the consortium has now 40 joined companies. In 2014 the Polo Palm has started its operational phase: from being a simple Ltd consortium company, in fact, it has become a true Innovation Consortium in the Abruzzo region. Currently, 50 companies have joined Polo Palm.

What is an Innovation Consortium?

An Innovation Consortium is a group of independent companies, innovative start-ups, small, medium and large companies, as well as research organizations working in a particular field or geographical area. These companies want to stimulate innovative activities, by promoting intensive interactions, using common facilities, sharing knowledge and experience, as well as networking and broadcasting information among the companies that join the Consortium itself, contributing effectively to the transfer of technology

Our areas of interest

Polo Palm has many areas of interest:

  • Product and process innovation
  • organizational and management Innovation
  • Marketing Innovation and internationalization
  • Providing Shared Services
  • Protection of intellectual property

Our intervention methodology

  • Audit of innovation: service permanently offered by the Pole and oriented to the identification of innovation needs, whether product, process, managerial, organizational or marketing
  • Monitoring of opportunities for innovation and internationalization
  • Monitoring of market opportunities on an international level and consequent identification of the Consortium companies potentially interested, also as a network of companies
  • Preparation of a proposal for a technological transfer or an use of the opportunity of an internationalization, also including information about appropriate sources of funding
  • Technology and advisory brokerage ("pull" approach, from companies to the Consortium): following a specific request from one or more companies, potential suppliers of innovation or counseling are going to be identified
  • Training on the management of the innovation and internationalization process

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  • Reg Office
  • +39 344 09 60 154
  • Coordinator
    Ing. Giammario Cauti
  • +39 335 49 28 95
  • P. IVA 01829740677

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