Polo Palm Board of Directors

The Polo Palm Board of Directors is composed of 7 members.
The main tasks of the Board are: 

  • Meeting every three months
  • Respecting of legal obligation
  • Defining the mission, the strategic objectives and the strategy of the Consortium for not less than two years, with the help of the Scientific Committee. 
  • Electing the heads of the working groups
  • Considering and approving the objectives suggested by the heads of the working groups, and the analysis of their achieved objectives

The Chairman and the Board of Directors members are in office for three years and they can be renewed maximum twice.

  • Name: Primo Pompilii
  • Role: President
  • Company: Arcadia Componibili s.r.l.

  • Name: Cleto Pallini
  • Role: Vice President
  • Compay: MAS s.r.l.

  • Name: Licia Rastelli
  • Role: Board member
  • Company: Aran World s.r.l.

  • Name: Marcello Pedicone
  • Role: Board member
  • Company: LAS Mobili s.r.l.

  • Name: Carlo Orsini
  • Role: Board member
  • Company: Fenix s.a.s.

  • Name: Bernardo Sofia
  • Role: Board member
  • Company: Nuova SMA s.r.l.

  • Name: Valter Amante
  • Role: Counselor
  • Company: Full Mobili s.r.l.

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