First "Palm" Prize at the University of Camerino

Last Tuesday, 10th June 2014, at the SAD (School of Architecture and Design "Eduardo Vittoria") of the University of Camerino the projects developed by the students of Class 2 ^ B of the School of Industrial Product Design were presented, under the supervision of the Professor Francesco Ruffini, Professor Riccardo Diotallevi and Tutor Fabio Rapanelli.

The students have dealt with 11 different projects. On a real reference background, they had the opportunity that their design effort has been pragmatic and practical, and not only creative and abstract:

  • Firefly (draft Tatiana Manazza, Valeria Pedone, Gianluca Sfratato)
  • Pannello Sandwich (draft Mattia Mosca, Elisa Piersimoni, Giulia Pressi)
  • Luminos Plus (draft Marco Orlandi, Erjon Rruqja, Gianmarco Ruggieri)
  • Cascade (draft Adele Paglione)
  • Room within a room (draft Gerardo Nanni, Alessio Mancini, Benedetta Paganico, Giulio Paolucci)
  • Picture Table (draft Chiara Matteucci, Chiara Tripodi)
  • Primary (draft Dalila Niespolo, Ludovica Sabbatini, Martina Scagnoli)
  • Leaf System (draft Cinzia Nasini, Carlo Sebastiano, Paolo Silvestri, Antonella Troiani, Elia Virgili) 
  • Addition (draft Alessandro Pazzi, Carlo Scorcella, Alessia Volpi, Federica Voltattorni)
  • PetraX (draft Valentina De Blasi)
  • Modulary (draft Rossella Santeramo)
  • Saily servomuto (draft Angela Sindaco, Chiara Valori)

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