Sample image Name: Primo
Surname: Pompilii
Role: President
Arcadia Componibili s.r.l.

Primo Pompilii

Primo Pompilii, President of the Polo Palm, is the founder and partner of Penta s.r.l., Arcadia Componibili s.r.l., Alba Doors s.r.l. and Arco Euroimmobiliare s.r.l..
Graduated in Banking and Insurance Financial Economics at the University of Teramo, Primo Pompilii is the owner of Arcadia Componibili s.r.l., and he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Teramo, President of the company Api Solutions s.r.l. (Society of formation of the Association of Small Businesses in the province of Teramo), part of the General Council of the API Teramo, as well as a member of the Christian Union of Executive Businessmen of Teramo.

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